i wanna say i’ve been drawing ryan a lot from memory (thus making him more cartoony) but i only have like less than 10 dumb sketches and I don’t know how i came to this

still working on it!

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Anonymous asked: Dear Sir or Madame. I'll have you know I just realized you're the second tumblr blog I've ever followed. I actually think you're pretty cool! Thanks!


Hahahah just kidding. Thank you muchly. (‘: 

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bunniichan asked: Oooh I love your art, I found you though your AC Kitties and I was wondering if you're doing more of em. Like Bob <__< Not asking you to! Just asking if you were planning to! That's all!

Mostly I’ve been planning Rooster Teeth fanart but seeing how popular this is does encourage me to do more! I think it’s also a nice way not to flood my watchers with only RT stuff.

But they probably won’t be cats before I do more of some other species. 

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Some cats of Animal Crossing.

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solluxcaptor asked: I love your art!!

ahh thank you very much! OuO

You did say my art, as in all of it, but your icon and name remind me that I should mention something…
To the 200 followers who stuck with me even though I had rarely updated - I’m thinking I’ll post more Homestuck fanart in the future but right now I am not feeling much for drawing it!
It actually took a long time for me to feel like drawing anything. So all the Achievement Hunter fanart I sketched (there’s more) is a new and refreshing feeling to me. I hope you like that, too, but if not, feel free to take your own actions! Ehehe.

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Anonymous asked: when i saw the wolf spa drawing, i immediately thought of a child's book. like in a forest and they're trying to get away from wolves. i hope that's not offensive comparing it to a children's book, i just thought it was quite cute.

I posted the picture before work so I had no idea how this turned out in a five hour time span and SUDDENLY there’s a lot of messages. it’s quite uplifting!

Anyway, that’s actually a great way of putting it! I just wanted it to be an illustration of a scene from the episode, but your interpretation is cute and of course I don’t mind!

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hmm yes, i want to draw old let’s plays.

from this particular scene!

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the insufferable!

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Anonymous asked: Are you the creator of Nektan Whelan

He belongs to Jedediah Long. ashdenej and I were able to contact him and he picked the sprite we made for him - as in there were other varying designs to choose from and dlkgnadgalkdmf that’s where i melt

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