the insufferable!

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Imagine if Becquerel had been a bichon frise



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» What? No.: ==> Be the other canon fantroll



Your name is Mierfa Durgas

You’re a young member of the cerulean caste and you’re quite the thrill-seeker. You mostly get your kicks killing exotic monsters during your flarp sessions. While you feel super-triumphant after every victory the monsters you kill probably aren’t the highest…

It was a pleasure being a part of this!

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Finally finished! Lineup here.

I’m the reason it’s obnoxiously colorful, hahaha.

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Late picture is late!

e: this is my submission for the album art contest 

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GCAT from Homestuck, unfinished because I  have school art to do :B
I wish I could paint some more of it.

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