redrew a scene! there was gifset going around with it—thank you

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RTX! And Art Prints

So my boyfriend and I are planning to go to RTX! I still have a lot to work out… In other news, 

A good amount of people have told me/commented on how they’d like to buy a print of my last art post of the AH guys but nervousness and life intrusions held me back. So my answer to that is: I’m looking into it, but I’m not too sure if it’ll get done. I’ll try printing one out as the the first step. That is the GOAL for me for now, if only a little one. If this is to be done, I’ll do it before RTX so maybe you could take it with you. (Is that even possible? I’ve only scratched the surface of this. UoU”)

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gift for ashdenej! it’s of our characters (his & mine) in Fallen London 

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transparent background blathers! 

this guy has been sitting in my files forever waiting for a series of birds to go with him but it just never happened. so here he is!

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i wanna say i’ve been drawing ryan a lot from memory (thus making him more cartoony) but i only have like less than 10 dumb sketches and I don’t know how i came to this

still working on it!

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Some cats of Animal Crossing.

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hmm yes, i want to draw old let’s plays.

from this particular scene!

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the insufferable!

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Nektan Whelan, the canon fantroll

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